2020 Spring June 15 Monday

71degrees this morning 63% humidity, 9 mph wind.

Yesterday was a nice day, high of 93, very little wind, sunny all day. 

One of those days we wish we could go someplace end not have to worry about  virus, but what is, is.

 Walk 24:22 minutes, pace was 36 seconds slower than my goal.  I’m not trying to walk fast right now, I just walk at what seems to be a natural pace.

Cool down walk was 14.23 minutes.

Sitting on the patio this morning, still a little cool, but nice. 

Probably will have to go “in the field” again someday this week.  I’ll see what happens. We got PPE, can’t say I was impressed with what we got as PPE, but, whatever, I’ll just be careful.  They didn’t waste any money on the masks 

In a way, I am glad we are going out again since there are a few things  I can’t do much over the phone, and it is so much easier in person.  

Listening to another “Great Course”  on my walk, this one on the Civil War. I think it is going to be good.  I normally don’t listen to a Great Course’ after I just listened to one, but the one on the Civilc War had been around for awhile

Also, it ties in t a book I am reading, “Lincoln on the Verge,” the story of  Lincoln’s journey to assume the Presidency.  I really never realized how dangerous a trip it was back then.  

On a lot of stops, the most dangerous  threat was the crowd wanting to see Lincoln!

While eating the book, I remembered when  I was in Wichita, Kansas at a Denny’s, when President Ford’s motorcade came past.  What was a noisy restaurant suddenly became very quiet until went after the motorcade was past and then broke out in a post event friendly atmospheres.  I just remember the chill it sent down my back from the experience.  It really emphasized to me the power of the Presidency. 

Read a book about “memory”  I actually was reading the book as part of my plan to “week” items I don’t need.  I really didn’t expect to get so interested in it.  

What really impressed me about the book was a section on Life Review, which consisted of questions to ask, techniques etc. to help someone develop a really comprehensive  review and record of their life, if you wanted to do so

The questions considered seven themes (and of course more could be added) Tha included, 

These themes included Family Stories, School Stories, Marriage stories, Parenting stores, career stories pet stories and stories of special events or times  Of course, these can be adjusted depending on the situation  

Somehow, this caught my interest, I can see a lot of possibilities in that, not necessarily for me specifically, but just as a good structure for anyone  reviewing your life, or making an autobiographical summary assuming you want to do so.

Less than a week before “Summer” actually starts.  A very strange start of Summer, it really doesn’t seem like the start of summer with none of the regular Summer activities.

That’s it for now, Monday, June 15, 2020.

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