2020 Spring June 16 Tuesday

74 degrees this morning  66% humidity wind 11 mph

Weights:  Sit-ups, bar bells, bench press

Yesterday, as is typical, started off coolish in the morning (73 degrees or so) and got to a high of 93 degrees.  

Sat on the patio yesterday morning, both before and after my morning nap.  The last couple of days I’ve been able to sit on the patio both before and after I take my nap.  

Sitting on the patio again this morning, about the same, coolish, but nice. 

I usually sit on the patio as soon as I get up (after looking to see if there are no 4 or 2 legged wild animals around)!, write in my journal, read the on-line newspapers , etc.  

Then I take my nap and after my nap I usually read whatever book I am reading or video I am watching.  Currently reading a book.

Walk yesterday,  25:05, pace 69 seconds slower than my goal.  Little or no wind.

A shock when our T-Mobile phones quit working yesterday.  In my job I depend on my phone as the only phone  I use, so I couldn’t return or make any calls.  At least I still had e-mail.

Thank goodness we weren’t traveling or had an emergency come up.  I realized how much I depended on my mobile phones when I didn’t have them! 

As of last night, they still weren’t working, haven’t checked this morning yet. News report say they are working.    At least I’m off the morning for a medical appointment.

I expect now we will switch back to ATT as soon as possible.  I can’t imagine ATT being out of service for over a short time.  We have been thinking of it anyway because of the quality of service.  The thing I hate about ATT is  the nuisance fees, kind of like Cox Cable finding a way to raise fees every couple of months.

That was one real attraction of T-Mobile, the price included all fees.  If I member correctly the average extra fees on a cell phone are like 23%.   Cable tv has  probably even more  nuisance fees than that, most of them with no legal basis. 

Even several weeks ago, I thought we would be “opening up” by the first part of July, going out to eat, shopping and thinking about travel.  Now, with the increase in new virus cases we are looking at a much longer time.  

Even if I go “in the field” on my job, we don’t plan on “opening up” until we feel secure that there is a low probability of getting the virus.  It has made for a very strange 3 months, and probably will make for a very strange next six months.

I have pretty well given up on any AAA baseball games this summer.  

I can’t really see any regular sports the rest of the year either.  I can’t imagine the players and coaches taking the chance.  Car racing or golf , etc., may be different, but can’t imagine any of the contact sports actually starting or continuing. 

I am glad I have at least one aspect of Summer left, sitting out on the patio.  

That’s it for now, Tuesday, June 16, 2020.

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