2020 Spring June 17 Wednesday

75 degrees this morning 73%  humidity wind  12 mph

Yesterday, another nice warm day, little wind until late afternoon. High of around 93 degrees.

Sitting on the patio this morning writing and posting this and reading the on-line versions of my newspapers.  Although the temperature is nice, the dark and the wind make it cool.  

Walk 24:11 minutes, somehow (like human error), my watch thought it was “rowing” so no pace time or distance , etc.  Live and learn!  

Virus cases are increasing rapidly locally.  Good reason to continue to play it safe.  I will never understand why the state and national “political leaders” continue to lie about how the virus not increasing except they just appear to be chronic liars

About ready to finish the book “Lincoln on the Verge,” the story of his 13 day journey from his home to Washington.  It is a wonderful book, I can’t believe someone could make such an interesting story of 13 days!

Also, with the thousands (if not more) books on Lincoln, I don’t know how he came up with new information.

Maybe the fact that he limited it to a very small slice of the Lincoln experience made it good.  I really learned a lot from the book.  

I always thought it would be intriguing to be a historian and basically create new history or at least a new perspective of history by researching documents and creating a new narrative.  I probably don’t have the patience for it, even if I had the skills.  I can’t imagine how much time and patience it takes to research and coordinate all of the facts into a historical narrative that is both factually documented and is interesting.

I am trying to decide what to read or watch next.  I have a bunch of books on “hold” at the library that are coming in, so I almost hate to start another video series or book.

Also, I have book coming in written by someone I knew  when I was in high school I am looking forward to it for several reasons, including it looks like an interesting book and I’m surprised I haven’t heard about it before!  I bought it on Amazon and it should be here shortly.

One problem with reading books I own is when I get a Library book, I only have a certain amount of time to read it so I read a library book sooner because I have to take it back. It can mean a long time before I read the books I own, since Ii feel compelled to read the library books first.

The Library System here is so good, I hate to just keep the books and pay the fine, although the fine is only .10 per day up to a maximum of $3.00.
Actually they have a very liberal loan and renewal policy.  I have never figured out exactly what the policy is, but it is the best I have ever seen as far as being able to keep the books checked out, as long as someone else doesn’t have a “hold” on the book.  

My “virus beard” has really grown and is ready to be trimmed  Ditto for my hair.  The denseness of my beard versus my hair is amazing.  I can feel the difference in my hair and beard and it is like it is on two different persons.

I am still working on the “virus pounds” which I unfortunately gathered the past few months.  They have been slow in coming off.

I have been using “My Fittness Pal” to keep track of my eating. I use the “free version” and it does an excellent job. Not helping a lot with the pounds yet, but at least I know what I eating!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, June 17, 2020.  

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