2020 Spring June 19 Fridy

77 degrees this morning  59% humidity wind 12 mph

Weights:  Sit-ups, bar bells, bench press

I feel like I am repeating myself, but yesterday was another great day, a little coolish in the morning, but warmed up to 94 degrees. 

77 degrees this morning, but the high today is forecast to be 80 degrees with a strong chance of rain.  

No walk yesterday.  The plumber came to fix th kitchen sink and some other things that plumbers fix that we needed work on.  

Based on his work and pricing, we hope we have found a plumber we can trust.  We found an HVAC person we could trust and he actually recommended this plumber.  

Now, if we could find a reliable, reasonable handy-person.

We have been very disappointed in plumbers and HVAC people, most of whom seemed more interested in trying to sell something and overcharging for substandard work than just doing the job,  so we are pleased to find someone we can trust. 

Started another “patio book” this morning, this time a novel, “A Good Marriage”.    It is starting off interesting and keeps me reading.  I have a feeling some of the marriages they are talking about are anything but a good marriage.  It promises to be an interesting book.  

I have discovered I enjoy reading a book a little bit at a time.  I used to read them straight through, sometimes, on weekends, straight through but that was about 30 years ago.  In a way it is better to savor the book over time.

Part of it was too many of the books became the same book, with just the characters changing their names, and sometimes not even that. Some authors got very lazy. I went through stages of reading fiction and not reading fiction until I came into what I feel is a happy medium  

I’m sure the rise of the internet, the time demands of my previous ob and just realizing the value of time as I grew older made a lot of difference.  I know I don’t do a lot of activities I used to do simply because I have other priorities. 

Also, I started falling asleep while reading, which doesn’t lead to long reading times.

One good result is I am rarely if ever “bored,” unless I am forced to sit in line or something.  Waiting does irritate me.

As I noted some time ago, we watched “Longmire” as part of our “quarantine”.  We enjoyed the series.  

One fo the plots throughout the series involved a “treasure” hidden in the area (Wyoming) and the clues were a poem.  “Longmire” (the hero of the series obviously) at the end decides he is going to search for the treasure, he thinks he has figured it out.  

Shortly after we finished the series, we learned that the story of a poem written by someone who wrote it as class to a treasure was corrects, and  someone found it.  I believe it was first hidden in 2010, so it took ten years to find it.  In a fantasy world it is good got believe that “Longmire” found it!

New Coronavirus cases are skyrocketing.  It is hard to believe that it isn’t taken more seriously  Our governor in all his stupidity said  “people who don’t want to go out don’t too”  (he was bragging about being the first state to fully “open up” (which is also a lie).  

Of course   persons who ignore the virus will inflect others and also create excessive risks to health workers and first responders , etc.  I”m now surprised at anything he says anymore. 

One good thing, the people where I work are smart enough to delay any “field visits” at least until July 1 and we’ll see then. I will make sure I continue to make sure I take every precaution.  

Last full day of Spring of 20 is today.

That’s it for now, Friday, June 19, 2020.


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