2020 Spring June 20 Saturday

65 degrees this morning, 98% humidity

Yesterday it was 78 degrees when I got up and that was about the high for the day!  Otherwise a cold and rainy day..  It rained hard at times. 

Obviously no patio this morning, maybe later in the day if it doesn’t start raining.  

We had scheduled a person to look at our sprinkler system.  It started raining so hard they couldn’t do any repair work.  

With the rain, we won’t need a sprinkler system soon.  That is good since I hate to wast water on just keeping grass green. 

Rained the rest of the day basically,  Didn’t walk due to the rain, so that is the second day in a row I didn’t walk, probably for the first time in a month at least. 

 I’ve developed walking basically as part of my day.

Read more of “A Good Marriage” on the patio this morning.  I wanted to keep reading, so I know It I a good book. Thur far, the books I have on “hold” at the library are coming almost like clockwork, I finish one, and start another one, and another book comes in.

The Kindle Paper White waterproof Kindle is finally on sell.  I’m been waiting for a long time for it to go on Sale although I may not buy it anyway.

My experience with Apple products have conditioned me to waiting as long as possible before I buy something, hoping I get the latest model!  I kind of figure if it its on sale, there may be  a newer one with much better features coming out soon!  Anytime I start seeing electronics for sale, I always think there is something new coming out shortly.

We are even thinking of leasing cars , etc., in the future so we can get the latest technology, especially the safety technology, although I would love to have a car with Apple Play in it!

I rented a car with Apple Play once and it was wonderful. 

We drive so few miles now we would probably quality for one of the “special” leases there are always advertising for 10,000 miles or less.  Of course technically we could just trade it in but…

Maybe auto technology may finally be advancing, certainly the safety technology is great.  Also, I thought the electric and battery technology may advance fast.  

Not near what I thought the advances would be when I was a kid.  I really thought by now (or really 40 years ago), we would be using driverless cars and flying with jetpacks or something similar!

GPS is really the basis of a lot of our technology and society, just I expect battery storage will be important to cars as well as houses. 

If I could make what I dream about, I would be rich!

The last day of the Spring of 2020.

That’s it for now, Saturday, June 20, 2020.

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