2020 Summer June 21 Sunday

74 degrees this morning 80% humidity 

Summer is here!  Not sure if yesterday or today is the “longest” day.  As I have mentioned, the problem now is the days only get shorter until next year! 

Weights, Sit-ups, barbells, bench press

Yesterday started off cool, (65 degrees at one time), but heated up to 91 degrees. Little wind.

Didn’t sit on the patio yesterday morning, temperature around 65 degrees.  Surprised later to find it wasn’t that cold, but this was after sun rise.  74 degrees this morning with no wind is excellent on the patio.  

Walk:  24:13 minutes, pace was 38 seconds slower than my goal

Cool-down walk:  13:45 minutes

Voted absentee ballot today.  Very disappointed with the confusing instructions , etc.  Plus the only way we knew that 2 stamps were required was that someone called and told us.

What happened was that the state Supreme Court invalidated the absentee ballot procedure as unconstitutional, so the legislature met the next day and passed some really confusing rules, of course signed by the governor, who hopes to restrict voting.   

I remember when I took “civics” courses, the emphasis was on everyone having the ability to vote that they wanted too. Instead, polling places are restricted in some areas and absentee balloting is made unnecessarily complicated.  I believe they even made it worse for the general election and are requiring a notary public, which really just kills absentee voting.  

The dark side of politics that used to not be part of the Political Science  courses.  I think they include more of it now.

We decided to go ahead and absentee vote since the way the virus is “spiking” now,  who knows, there may not even be any open polls by the election date.  

Just heard that the virus cases In this state have spiked 158% in the past week or so.   Who knows how long it will continue.   Whatever it takes, we will continue to do whatever is necessary to avoid getting the virus.

I was surprised that my hair is curly.  It has been over 3 months since I had a haircut and the longish parts of my hair are curly.  (It has actually always been that way, I just forgot or have rarely had it this long before.) As I mentioned, before, my head hair (what there is) is so wispy and my beard hair so heavy and thick, it is like my head hair and my beard hair belong to different people. 

I haven’t decided when I’m going to take a chance and get a haircut and beard trim.  I am probably starting to look like a wild man!  Actually I kind of like my hair long and I may just get it trimmed.  A lot will depend on when I have to go “in the field” again. Actually, hew have seen my face or hair since March 15, when I am out, I usually have a   mask on.  

I used to think when I got “old,” I’d just let my hair and beard grow wild. I’m not quite that “old” yet! 

Read a big segment of “A Good Marriage” yesterday, it has really grabbed my attention.  

That’s it for now, Sunday, June 21, 2020.

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