2020 Summer June 22 Monday

65 degrees this morning 90% humidity,

 Yesterday was unusual, sat on the patio and wrote in the journal at 74 degree, very nice weather.  Went up to take a nap and when I woke, it was pouring rain, no more patio!  Actually it did clear off after that and became a relatively nice day, high of 87 degrees.

Heavy rain during night plus 65 degrees tis morning so no patio this morning!

Have some tests this morning so I had to”fast” and not drink anything after midnight, which I hate.  That is why I always schedule such tests early in the morning!

Walk:  24:21 minutes, pace was 34 seconds slower than my goal  

Cool-down walk:  14:38 minutes 

We are learning some limitations to the “on-line” way of living.  Friday we ordered some groceries , etc., for “contactless pickup” on Saturday.  We are normally notified, so the time came and went and we actually went out and called.   Apparently all of the stores, nationwide, had the network crash and they couldn’t even look up our order. 

It was actually available Sunday morning, (It was supposed to be available Saturday), so it wasn’t a big deal.  I got a text it was ready and everything went smoothly.  The name of the company isn’t important, it could happen to any store.

Most of the time, the on-line ordering goes well, one store we got some poor quality vegetables, so we just didn’t order there anymore.  It may have been the “shopper,” but we figure they shouldn’t have poor quality vegetables in the first place.

Overall, we have been very pleased with the “on-line’ grocery pickup/delivery, although I actually would prefer the “personal” shopping.  (It is easy to forget something and then you can’t change your order , etc.)

The “spike” in the virus is scary, it looks like it will be back al least as bad as when it first started, if not worse.  

We, I assume, canceled a family reunion yesterday for late July  (I assume will do it by teleconference).  Two weeks or at least on June 1, I really thought we had a chance of making it.  

Looks like the “reboot” of sports won’t start (shortened MLB and NBL seasons) and I expect the NFL and the fall college sports will be canceled also. 

We had several trips planned (fortunately just in concept) that we figure won’t happen.  It is going to be a Summer with no Summer activities.  

I am rethinking my dental appointment (just the six month checkup) in 3 weeks and my first haircut in 3 1/2 months may have to wait another month or two.

As I mentioned, we just aren’t going to take a chance. 

Watched a  “Frontline” program on the development of the virus. Scary.

On the good side, I had a wonderful “Father’s Day” even though we stayed in the house.  Aliene made her wonderful meat loaf, which means I get to have meat loaf both today and throughout the week!  

Of course, after every weekend comes a Monday, which is today! 

That’s it for now, Monday, June 22, 2020.

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