2020 Summer June 23 Tuesday

73 degrees this morning, 81% humidity 

Yesterday started with what I always dislike, a “fast” until after some medical tests.  In this case no food or water. I always figure I’ll get real thirsty or hungry, so I normally eat and drink water late enough to survive.  Fortunately I did ok yesterday morning and didn’t get too hungry or thirsty.   I think by the time it actually happens, I just decide I have to live with it, so no use complaining! 

The day was an excellent day, high of 92 degrees, sunny with little wind. 

Sitting on the patio this morning, the forecast had been for rain and thunderstorms which haven’t arrived (yet).  Every day I get to sit on the patio in the morning I consider another present. 

Finished “The Good Marriage”.  It was actually one of the more “hard to put down” books I’ve read for a while. I finished it early in the evening which is good, since it is one of those books that I would stay up late to finish!  

I really don’t know what makes a book so interesting and another one not, but to me this book was great.  It was definitely fiction and definitely one that you have to like fiction that I think they categorize as “mysteries” or “thrillers”.  

Saw something unusual during my walk today, an albino goose.  I had seen it at distance before and it looked like it was a cross between a goose and a chicken, but I saw it close today and it was an albino goose.  It had white feathers, a pink head , etc., and probably pink eyes.  

I thought about getting a picture of it, but I didn’t want to slow my pace on my walk!  I think the next time, I will stop and take a picture.  

We always call them “big boys,” but I think they are Canadian geese.  I’d never heard of an albino goose, but now I saw one.  

The geese gather on two ponds, or rather a pond intersected by a street and a sidewalk.  They usually don’t poop on the sidewalk, but sometimes they do (a lot for some reason) and then it makes walking down the sidewalk very interesting! 

Walk today was 23:44 minutes and only 4 seconds slower than my goal.  I wasn’t even aware I was walking that fast until I finished. 

My next book is going to be non-fiction, Robert Iger, “The Ride of a Lifetime” (CEO of Disney who resigned just recently).  I just checked it out of the library. 

The virus outbreak keeps going higher recently.  Whether it is a “second wave” or “first wave” is rather meaningless.  You just don’t want it.  

Actually I only know one person who (actually two, a husband and wife) have had it and it was horrible in their case.  It just depleted any energy they had and they are still not even close to full strength even though they caught it  the first part of April.  It could have been worse, which makes it even more scary.  I believe the national deaths just topped over 120,000 that can be attributed to the virus, probably a lot more that weren’t counted.  

When I start to think about wanting to eat out, travel , etc., I just think of the quote “One moment of patience may ward off great disaster. One moment of impatience may ruin a whole life.”  All it takes is one mistake to get the virus  I can wait. 

That’s it for now, Tuesday, June 23, 2020.

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