2020 Summer June 24 Wednesday

 63 degrees this morning 80%  humidity

Yesterday was another wonderful day, high of 86 degrees.  Sat on patio in morning, always a good way to start of day!  Didn’t sit on patio this morning at 63 degrees, although it may be better later.  

Walk 25:22 minutes, 59 seconds slower than goal.

I did stop to try to get a picture of the albino goose, but couldn’t get a clear picture of it.  

Saw a story today (on the internet, but a reasonably credible one), about finding an area in Argentina I believe, where there was evidence of armadillo shells indicating that there existed at one time “armadillos the size of Volkswagens,” at least in some areas of the earth. 

If you think about the idea of Armadillos the size of Volkswagens, that is almost as scary as the virus, depending on how fast they can move , etc., and, perhaps, if they eat people!  

On the other hand, maybe they were a good source of food.  

The virus “surge” is rapidly reaching the point where it started last February/March.  While I don’t like not being able to visit family, go to activities, etc., it is better than taking a chance of getting the virus.  

While I thought when this started it was for a month, two months at most, now my time frame is longer, and I hope I am wrong.  

Somehow, life has developed a life of its own and I get used to it.  I really do hope I’m not expected to go “in the field” July 1.  Even with the PPE, the chance of getting the virus just isn’t worth it.

Our “robot vacuum” developed a problem with the “bumper”.  I just figured it was “live and learn,” but to my amazement the company sent a new one.  Overnight yet.  I am impressed.  

I have learned I need to barricade the cleaner some, and I will probably by one with a “fence” in the future.  

It actually works reasonably well, and I have a lot of fun watching it!  I looked at Consumer Reports and the best was actually the cheapest, although it is missing a few features (such as the fence) that would be nice. 

I’m still dithering about the security system, but since the one we have works, I probably will stick with one we got.  However, I am going to try a better router and hope it resolves our Wi fi problems we have.  

The tests I had the other morning came back “ok”.  Even though I tell myself I “want to know” if something is wrong, it is still nice to “pass” the test so to speak!

Wednesday, work week is almost half over. Then next week is a 4 day week, although of course July 4 means the Summer is half over, at least on a “normal” summer.  I expect this will be a very unusual July 4th.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, June 24, 2020.

2 thoughts on “2020 Summer June 24 Wednesday

  1. Congratulations on “passing” the medical tests.
    Heard from one of your classmates the other day. Eileen Anschutz Keenan who lives in Kansas City.

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