2020 Summer June 25 Thursday

71 degrees this morning 70% humidity

Yesterday started off at 62 degrees.  Didn’t even think about sitting on the patio (too cool) until after my nap and found out it wan’t that bad, so I enjoyed reading and eating breakfast on the patio.  I think the only reason it was enjoyable at the temperature was there was no wind. Temperature yesterday was a high of 90 degrees.

Walk yesterday 24:41 minutes, pace was one minute and two-seconds slower than my goal.  

For some reason I have been thinking it was Thursday every day this week, even on Tuesday, so at least it finally is Thursday!

I ordered a book recently (on Amazon) that they said was being shipped. This wasn’t a “prime” item, it was a private book store on Amazon, so the shipping time was several weeks anyway. Then I got an e-mail saying that they had sold the “last copy” and they were refunding my money.  However, I kept getting e-mails saying my book was coming, giving dates , etc.  

The last date it was supposed to arrive was June 23, so I guess I can safety reorder it.  I need to check and see if my refund is there which should confirm it!  I just checked and I haven’t gotten a refund yet, so it may be coming yet.

Reading “The Ride of a Lifetime” by the Robert Iger  CEO (past now) of Disney. He’s a good story-teller, he pulled me in while I was still debating if I wanted to read the book!  I really wonder how someone developed into that type of position, I assume highly skilled as well as some luck and a lot of motivation and hard work.

The book is a prime example of how there are key decisions can change your life and sometimes what seems bad is actually good!   While he doesn’t go into detail, it really emphasized the complexity of the productions that make up tv , etc.  

He started first in sports and then moved to the entertainment side of ABC, so the look hasn’t gotten significantly into Disney.  

I have actually only been to a Disneyland one time, in California. I’m  not really much of a entertainment park person although there have been times I have enjoyed it.  

My “virus beard”  and “virus hair” may get much worse if the virus keeps spiking!  I was generally thinking of getting a hair cut (the first in 4 months) in early July and trim my beard, but with the number of “new cases”  of virus in this state each day, I think I’ll stay safe some more!  It was a shock to see the spike in new cases, but I guess in a way it was what was expected. 

I heard yesterday it is as hight as it’s ever been in some states.  Scary.

Bit the bullet and ordered a new wifi router yesterday, hopefully it will provide better wifi service in our house.  It isn’t  really bad, just some dead spots that are frustrating.  

I’m hoping the capacity to “channel wifi” to where you want it will be helpful.  As you can tell, I don’t really understand it but I hope it will help!

Primary Election is coming up here next week.  As I mentioned we voted by “absentee ballot” and are now wondering how we know if our vote is counted.  Due to our legislature the rules are so confusing there is probably all kinds of reasons they can find to void your absentee ballot.  On the other hand, what else is new?

That’s it for now, Thursday, June 25, 2020.

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