2020 Summer June 26 Friday

71 degrees this morning  91% humidity wind 9 mph

Weights:  Sit-ups, bar bells, bench press yesterday morning 

Again, another excellent day yesterday.  Able to sit on the patio when I first got up and after my nap, able to read and then eat breakfast on the patio.  I keep thinking I need to move my office to the patio at least in the morning, but there are some drawbacks (birds, mowers and especially the wind), as well as limited access to my files , etc.

Also, I love my office, I have a good view of the neighborhood, trees , etc.  

Sitting on the patio this morning writing this, a light wind, the wind is a big factor in how comfortable it is.  

Getting ready for recycling day, did one of my favorite tasks, tearing down some cardboard boxes.  There is something enjoyable about it.  I won’t say therapeutic!

As far as I know I developed a liking for tearing down cardboard boxes at a job I had in graduate school.  I finally realized I couldn’t work a job like that and finish graduate school in the time I wanted. I wanted to (and did) finish in one year.  I was ready to get to work.

I think they had to break the boxes down keep their trash rates low since they were charged on a volume basis.  

I finally had to quit the job due to time and it was costing a lot to drive to it.  I did see my first “luxury” toilet lids.   One was a “see through” lid with real money embedded in it.  I’m not sure if I was surprised of dismayed that someone would pay over $140 for a lid!  There were actually others more expensive. This was in the mid 1970s so that wasn’t cheap.

I was in Wichita several years ago and I thought about going by and seeing what they had!  (If they were even still open.)  It made quite an impression on me!

Something got me liking cutting boxes apart and I have enjoyed doing it through the years.   The tougher the box, the more I enjoy it!

Glad today is Friday.  As I mentioned before, for some reason I thought it was Thursday all week!  

I believe I feel disoriented anyway, not having the normal summer activities  

Just saw a story last night about restaurants using sidewalks, parking lots , etc., as “patio seating”.  I’m all for it.  Maybe not as good as the patio in back of my  house but still nice and healthy!  Unfortunately the times when it is nice enough on most sidewalks , etc., to be nice in the Summer are limited here.

We actually did eat in a restaurant the other day, on a patio where we were the only ones sitting in the patio.  Probably the last time fo while, hopefully not another 3 1/2 months. 

As I have noted, we had assumed we would be eating out, shopping and visiting with family members , etc., by now.  Instead, we are watching  in horror (or disgust) as the infection rates are higher than when it first started. 

That’s it for now, Friday, June 26, 2020.

2 thoughts on “2020 Summer June 26 Friday

  1. I too am disgusted over the increasing COVID-19 rates. I thought that perhaps sometime this summer we might be able to do a little traveling but alas, I don’t think so.
    I suspect it will be a summer of staying home and being safe.
    Good thinking Bob.

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