2020 Summer June 27 Saturday

76 degrees this morning, 74% humidity wind 14 mph

Another wonderful day yesterday, a little windy.  94 degrees high.  Great patio weather both before and after my nap yesterday morning.  May have to try to take my nap on the patio!

Sitting on the patio this morning, the wind is up, one of those windy summer mornings where you can hear the wind, kind of like a Summer evening when the wind is up a little, but not enough to be obnoxious.

Reminds of an evening when I was in high school when we climbed on the roof of the school.  Don’t know why, but every time the wind blows like this in the dark I think of it.  No, we didn’t get caught! 

Walk:  yesterday 24:r48 minutes, pace was 58 seconds slower than my goal.  Probably not bad considering the muggy weather.

Listening to the “Great Course” about the civil war.  It is interesting and brings up some aspects I haven’t heard or considered before.  I know a lot of it, but it is always interesting to hear new viewpoints and information.  

Didn’t see any geese today, I guess they were at another pond.  

Read recently about “Covid15,” which is the weight people put on from the lack of exercise and eating more food during the quarantine period.  Unfortunately it is not “when” it is “still” going on.

Anyway, clothing stores have noticed customers ordering larger sizes , etc.  I’m a little worried about getting into my work clothes when I go back “in the field” again!

Ever since my Doctor called my attention to it about it about a month ago,  I have been using “My Fittness Pal” to monitor my food intake, exercise, even keep my consumption of water.  I have actually been diligent about recording my food intake, exercise , etc. 

So far, the pounds haven’t exactly melted off, but at least they are going down bit by 

bit. It seems like it would be faster.  Occasionally I have a disgusting uptick. 

At least the “My Fittness Pal” makes me think about the food I eat, even if I get the quantity wrong!  

Actually, getting the quantity wrong is probably the major reasons for not being able to  maintain or lose weight!.  I actually have a set of food scales which can be helpful.

I tried to measure how much peanut butter, cheese spread and strawberry jam I really eat, but it I can still vary.  

As far as measuring what I eat, I don’t really try to be all that accurate, just so I get a trend.  

Maybe a good way to live your life, measure it in trends instead of letting any one aspect become too important.  I used to say “in five years no one will care about this” (or 30 days or a 100 years).  Looking back I can see I was correct, it is easy to overemphasize the minor parts of life and overlook the overall trend of your life.

Anyway, right now the overall trend of my weight is down, and hopefully that will continue!

Right now I am probably looking at about 2 weeks before I go “in the field” again, so hopefully I can lose enough to fit some clothes!  (I haven’t tried, so I really don’t know, I’ll let it be a surprise.

Although the way the virus is going, I may be “quarantining”  for some time yet! 

Start of another weekend, I do love the weekends, especially in the Summer where I can enjoy just sitting outside feeling the wind nd the heat.

That’s it for now, Saturday, June 27, 2020 

3 thoughts on “2020 Summer June 27 Saturday

  1. So was it the Dorrance high school? And how did you manage to get onto the roof?
    I recall one school lunch hour sneaking into the gym and climbing into the attack from the stage level ladder.

    You had to be careful where you walked up there or else you could fall through the insulation and drop 30-40 feet to the floor.

    Let me know.

    1. In this case it was Waldo. I was trying to remember if we ever did that in Dorrance, didn’t think so. I thought maybe the school by the Lutheran church, but i don’t think so. The high school would have been quite a climb!

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