2020 Summer June 28 Sunday

76 degrees this morning 75% humidity Wind 16 mph

Strange day yesterday, warm (high of 92), sunny, but I think the big dust cloud was affecting our area.  There was a strange haze all day, even though no rain was forecast. 

Sitting out on he patio this morning, with is relatively high wind of  16 mph, don’t know if the dust is still in the air (still dark). 

Years ago, in Liberal, Kansas, I was in a true dust storm (red dust yet).  It literally got into everything. They used to say “Liberal wasn’t the end of he world, but you can see it from there”.  Actually, I enjoyed my time in Liberal, it was a unique city.

Sat on the patio both before and after my nap yesterday morning.  

Walk yesterday, 24:35 minutes, pace 40 seconds slower than my goal

Cool down walk 13:25 minutes

Hopefully the dust won’t affect me and start me coughing, if it does, I’ll need to stop walking until it’s out of the air.


Finished  the book by Robert Iger,  “The Ride of a Lifetime” yesterday morning.  It was an interesting book, I don’t think I really thought what all went into locating a Disneyland in China (or internationally anywhere).  Also his description of what all was involved in one company acquiring another and the his process of being selected for CEO  was amazing.

Starting another book, Patrick Hoffman, “Clean Hands”.  I’ve not into it enough yet I know if I will finish it or not.  I like to give a book a chance, but also not waste my time.   

I have an calendar book  that I got Christmas 1989 that I have noted every book I read during the last 31 years.   It has the month and day but not the year.    I was going to “retire” it last Christmas, I kind of thought 30 years was enough, but I kept on noting my books in the book since I didn’t have a replacement.   

It is interesting to see the books I have read, and when I read them.  Actually it amazes me when I realize how long ago I read some of the books.  What I enjoy is when I read them it brings back memories of when I read the book, not just the book, but where I was at the time and the frame of mind at the time.  

Kind of like a journal entry, a phrase, even just a word or a place can jog your memory and take you back to that time and place.  

The virus numbers keep on increasing.  Ignorance of the numbers by not doing testing is hardly going to help. 

I wonder how the quarantine/virus will affect people like my Granddaughter who will never have a real High School graduation ceremony or closure to high school, can’t get a job (under 18) and can’t get her Drivers License since everything is closed down.

 I can remember when I was that age and the sense of my life being on “pause” for months, who knows how long, would be frustrating.  It is even worse because  there many not be an end.  Kind of like the Vietnam War, you knew it would end, you just don’t know when or how.

The experience does have a sense of “waiting” of some kind of unreality that is still reality. 

That’s it for now, Sunday, June 28, 2020. 

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