2i020 Summer June 29 Monday

76 degrees this mornin 86% humidity, wind 20 mph

Yesterday was another unusual day, although the dust seemed to be a little less.Windy, mostly with sun although cloudy at times.High was 89 degrees.

The day was just a little murky and weird, but less so than Saturday.    In additional to the clouds there were times when it looked like it was going to rain.

Had a chance to go swimming in an outdoor pool (with social distancing of course) which was fun.

Monday of a 4-day week, with a Friday holiday!  That is always a little unusual.  I always look forward to a holiday and especially a 3 day weekend! 

This weekend will be a little more special since Formula 1 racing will resume.  Several years ago Formula 1 became my favorite race series. I actually went to one (qualifying only) in Austin, Texas several years ago (in conjunction with a conference).  It was truly amazing, and I have been trying to figure out how to get back to a full race sometime. Not likely this year unless the pandemic suddenly improves.  

Weights yesterday morning, sit-ups, barbells, bench press.

Walk, 23:45 minutes, 22 seconds slower than my goal.  

Cool down walk 13:16 minutes. 

The novel “Clean Hands” is developing a life of its own after somewhat of a slow start.  I am intrigued now!

In the story one of the characters is more or less blackmailed to  performing  major crime on the basis that the criminals had placed evidence of a crime on his computer and they advised even if he could prove he was innocent, the publicity would destroy his career and reputation.  

I always wondered about that, because I is true that in many cases merely the accusation is enough to destroy even a totally innocent person.  

Anyway, that is one of the plots of the book, although it actually is just the way they get the attorney to cooperate to start off a series of crimes and underhanded actions.   

Another victim(s) of the Pandemic Is children birthdays, graduations an similar rituals (even funerals and weddings).  It is sad to have to substitute a “drive by parade” for a child’s birthday, although they seem to adjust to it well.  

When I watch a tv show or a series and see people shaking hands , etc., I think what a world of difference 5 months makes.  Now it looks strange t see people shaking hands, hugging , etc., or not wearing masks!  Hopefully something will be resolved soon and it will seem “normal” again to shake hands , etc., although unfortunately even if the pandemic disappears I probably always will hesitate a little before shaking hands.  

That’s it for now, Monday, June 29, 2020.


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