2020 Summer June 30 Tuesday

78 degrees this morning, 77% humidity wind 16 mph

Yesterday was another odd day, high wind most of day, 20+mph, which is kind of high, even for around here.  High of 93 degrees, sunny most of day.  Supposed to be a high of 100 degrees today.

Sitting on the patio, with a relatively high wind.  A very obnoxious bird was “singing”.  Fortunately it has stopped.

Didn’t walk yesterday due to schedule.

2020 is half over.  I would say “thank goodness,” but I wonder what the second half will be like.  

I finally got a refund on the book I ordered.  I had ordered it, they gave me a shipping date and then sold the last one supposedly.  I was supposed to get a refund, but finally had to e-mail and ask.  In all fairness, the refund appeared that night.  

Now I need to find the book again, it is out of print, but I’ll keep looking for it.  

One of the reasons I found it so easy to “weed” my books , etc., is the thought I can “always order a copy over the internet”.  Unfortunately, “The Long Tail” isn’t always true, although it is very rare I can’t find a book I want.  Eventually I will find it. 

Another experience at the “quarantine life,” Sunday we went to pick up our “contactless” pickup of groceries.  Just by chance, we checked for an item after they put the items in the trunk and noticed they hadn’t delivered it!  No big deal, except that we waited about 30 minutes to get the item and then we noticed a 2nd item hadn’t been delivered!  2 items out of 12 is quite a bit.

Before, we just wrote it off, but this time we happened to notice it while we were there because it was an item we were going to take to someone.  We got a $20 gift card for our “trouble,” but so what?   We appreciated the gesture, but we will be standing (with our mask and our list) to make sure everything is delivered in the future!  What bothered us was the uncaring attitude of resolving the problem. 

Got our sprinkler system fixed today.  We discovered the contractor who fixed a small retaining wall apparently broke the pipe and kindly shut off that valve so we wouldn’t find our about it or have to “worry” about it until it was time to turn the sprinkler on! Also “saved” the cost of fixing his error! 

As I mentioned before, I don’t like to waste water on grass that simply wants to be brown, not green!  If I were talented that way, I would try to have an indigenous yard without having to water , etc.

I try to remember when we started watering the yard each year, I think one year we made it to July 10, so this isn’t the latest we have started sprinkling the yard.

The “quarantine” beard and hair will probably be trimmed this week, or next week. On the other hand, I’m not sure if I’m ready to go the barber yet and expose myself to the virus.  I actually like the beard and “long” (so to speak) hair.  

The barber herself I trust to keep things as clean as possible, but you never know who is or was there who feel they are invincible and won’t get the virus. 

Having some really wild dreams, but I don’t remember them when I wake up, at least not long enough to write them down.  I understand since the virus started this has been more common.  

That’s it for now, Tuesday, June 30, 2020.


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