7-25-20 Saturday

Moved to a new room this morning taking over one of the things I’m gonna look like the room better but I don’t like the idea of losing my little piece of sunlight I could see in the old room when I left the shades open in a room and cry but probably reception area … More 7-25-20 Saturday

7-24-20 4:48pm

My definition of comfortto change. My comfort will be able to leave my back for a while with the bed up just feels so good compared to Laying on my stomach. I am recognizing the sounds of the hospital more and more the ritual the machines were kind of tunnel sound I am recognizing the … More 7-24-20 4:48pm

7-24-20 2:02’pm

Good breakfast this morning nothing else stayed down but it was good there’s one better I feel like I’m breathing better which is good but I said no bad news is good news but we’ll see just ordered I’ll lunch with with all the way in order to peanut butter sandwich in the hamburger no … More 7-24-20 2:02’pm

7-24-20. 9:16 aan

I have to remember of it is much better to be positive about something I felt myself this morning kind of turned into a more positive outlook perhaps because it changes changes in provement maybe just because I’m used to it. Again, sorry for all the mistakes and errors but I don’t have time to … More 7-24-20. 9:16 aan

7-24:20 5:18 am

Are used to think confused thinkingWas something I would recognize. I will I know now that confused thinking can be a lot different than just confused I but if you think you can just be difficult he think he got the right I would feel like I was just real slow and really had to … More 7-24:20 5:18 am