2i020 Summer July 1 Wednesday

78 degrees this morning  79% humidity wind 13 mph

Windy, but overall nice day yesterday.  High 95 degrees, although the forecast was 100 degrees. Sat on the patio before and after my nap, which is always nice.

Weights, sit-ups, barbells, bench press 

Walk 23:53 minutes, pace was 15 seconds slower than my goal, which is a good pace.  I felt good and didn’t even realize I was walking that fast, so hopefully my pace is improving.  

Sitting on the patio this morning, excellent morning for the patio.  The obnoxious bird is rasping again, but, life is good on the patio, heck with the obnoxious birds.  Supposed to be 100 degrees today. 

Finished the “Clean Hands”.  Interesting enough to finish, but I’m not sure if I ever really got into it.  Had a problem following the characters, which may be my problem, not a problem with the book.  I won’t read any more of his books.

One of the true joys of life is finding a new author you enjoy and suddenly a wealth of books you expect you will enjoy opens up!  

Starting Stephen King, “If it Bleeds”. Most of Stephen KIng’s books I really like, but there are a few that I either quit reading or just felt like they were a waste of time.  I like a lot more of his books than I don’t.  Normally his books just draw me in and I’m in a “I fave to stay up late” type frenzy.  A few I didn’t like at all, a few the ending didn’t seem to fit the book.

The most memorable one was “It”.   At the time I was reading it in an “all nighter” by myself and I went to check the bathroom sink to see if a clown was coming out!  His books can really get into your head.

Staying with “My Fittness Pall” fairly well.  Weight loss has been slow, but the trend is down anyway.  Not a great success so far, but at least it is going down.  Right now I just want to get down to where I was before the quarantine started.  Almost there, and then I need to keep on.

I have a book I started in 2000, where I have written down my weight on a periodic basis. If I can get back to the lowest I have been in that 20 years I”ll be happy.  

“Don’t let ‘it” define your life”  (with “it” being the virus, illness, job problems or whatever) suddenly jumped into my head this morning while mediating on the patio. 

I hadn’t really thought in those terms before.  I was thinking of not letting something like the virus, illness , etc., overwhelm your life.  To me the words “define your life” popped into my mind, meaning you have to deal with it, but don’t let it become the overwhelming theme of your life.

Obviously something I have to think some more about, but I like the idea.  

I did do a brief google search and noted a lot of results for “define your life,” so obviously it’s not original with me and I apparently have been seeing references to it in my subconscious mind. 

]Many of the entires appeared to be the exact opposite of what I was thinking, in that a “song” or some words “define your life” and that isn’t what I was thinking at all. I can’t imagine how a song would “define my life”.  Maybe a  specific part, but not my life.

Still, I like the idea that my life (or anyone’s) shouldn’t be overwhelmed by one aspect of it.  Even an overwhelming event like the virus, cancer , etc., shouldn’t be allowed to overwhelm your life. 

Not that you don’t deal with it, it just shouldn’t overwhelm it.  I’ll do more research and ponder on it.  

That’s it for now, Wednesday, July 1, 2020 the start of the second half of 2020.

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