2020 Summer July 2 Thursday

80 degrees this morning 87% humidity wine 10 mph

Another great day yesterday, very little wind, sunny, high of 98 degrees.  Sat on the patio both before and after nap and enjoyed it. 

Sitting on the patio again this morning with the obnoxious bird rasping whatever it feels it is doing.  Not singing, that is for sure.  Still a nice morning on the patio!

Walk yesterday was  24:33 minutes, pace was 51 seconds slower than my goal.  Considering the heat (around 94 degrees at the time) that isn’t bad.

Today marks six years since we have moved to this area.  How the time passes!  We actually came up about a week earlier and stayed in hotels and then stayed in the house we had rented without any furniture (I believe we had an air bed and a fan).  

The first night, the smoke alarm battery started beeping at around 2:00 a.m.  I don’t remember how we got it to shut off!

July 2 is the day our furniture arrived, which is how I came up with July 2 as our moving date. 

New shoes yesterday!  My old shoes were starting to feel like it was time for a change and I was right.

Due to a variety of factors, I didn’t keep track of my mileage for my walking shoes like I normally do.  I like the retire them from my daily walk around 350 miles and I start analyzing them after 300 miles.  It takes a while for me to get 300 miles on a pair of shoes!

I don’t like to take a chance on my feet being damaged.  Years ago, I had plantar fasciitis really bad and I decided to make sure that never happened again.  It is very painful and I am lucky I found an excellent foot doctor that didn’t believe in surgery.  

About 5 years ago, I developed a pain in my toes and my new foot doctor told me to buy better shoes and hopefully I wouldn’t need to have an operation that would keep me off my feet for 6-8 weeks.  

I started buying some decent quality walking shoes ($150 instead of $20) and it is worth every penny!  

Now I buy one style of shoes (Brooks) and I know it will fit me every time and keep my feet ok.   I still have all my retired Brooks shoes that I use for casual wear.  

I’ve finally scheduled an appointment to have my hair cut and beard trimmed.  We’ll see what happens  That is, if my barber doesn’t scream and run when she sees me with almost 4 months since I had a haircut and about 2 months since I shaved!

Started reading “If It Bleeds” by Stephen King and it is classic Stephen King!  It is actually 4 short stories and he is best at short stories, although he has written some of very long books also. 

I got “into” the book, at least the first story fast!

That’s it for now, Thursday, July 2, 2020.

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