2020 Summer July 4 Saturday

sdf69 degrees this morning, 96% humidity

Holiday yesterday, excellent day weather wise.  Started off coolish (73) but reached a high of 97 degrees. Little or no wind, sunny.

Able to sit on the patio both before and after my nap, which starts my day off right!

Weights, sit-ups, barbells, bench press

Thunder and heavy rain during night and continuing now, so no patio this morning!  

Walk yesterday  24:44 minutes, Pace was 1 minute and 10 seconds slower than my goal

“Cool down” walk was 13:45 minutes 

Got my “quarantine” beard and hair trimmed yesterday.  I decided I would keep the beard for at least a while and also keep the curly part of my longer hair!  

Of course one major concern was (and is) how safe it is to get a haircut.  My barber only takes appointments, wears a mask and has always been very good about cleaning up.  Also there is only one persona at a time. Still it makes m a little apprehensive to go there, but I did. 

I watch in disbelief as the virus numbers rise, 50,000+ in a DAY.  How much longer can this continue.  

What is more amazing is the continued denial of the “leadership” (both state and national) that the virus is a major problem. 

They spend major tax $ on travel, fireworks shows, play golf while the virus spirals out of control, primarily due to the their  gross incompetence as they continue their  major goals of shoveling tax $ to their doors, lobbyists and buddies and themselves  and wasting billions on travel and “shows” primarily aimed at reelection to continue their incompetence.   Meanwhile a major virus is killing literally thousands and they ignore it while making chronic lies about how good they are doing.  Really scum. 

Started on the second story of “If it Bleeds” and it caught me up just like the fist one  Stephen King still has the knack.

Sometimes I think I ought to re-read some of the books I enjoyed reading years ago.  I may view them in an entirely different perspective now.

When I was in the 3rd grade, I started reading the high school literature books of my older brothers and sisters.  Many of the stories I read years later and I realized I hadn’t understood the story, although some of my favorite store and authors re from that errors.  

A few years ago I was able to buy copies of the literature books, although I loaned several to someone and of course everyone knows what happens there.

I read “The Most Dangerous Game,” which I think I generally understand.  I read “Alas Babylon” about time after a nuclear war.  I didn’t understand it at all until years later.  

Very few fireworks shows  this year, I guess nature decided to put on it’s own fireworks show!

That’s it for now, Saturday, July 4, 2020.  

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