2020 Summer July 6 Monday

74 degrees this morning 87%  humidity

Yesterday was another nice day, a little muggy, high of 90 degrees.

Walk 24;04 minutes, 24 seconds slower than goal

Cool down walk:  13:45 seconds 

Monday after a 3 day weekend, always a little hard to get to thinking about work after a nice 3 day weekend!  I’m sure I will get into it fast.  Usually on a holiday, especially like this weekend when the “observed” holiday is different from the holiday,  I have several voice mails from people who don’t realize I’m off and then some people call at any time of night to leave a voice mail while they are thinking about it.   A good reason I have a separate phone that automatically shuts down during non-working hours  

I had scheduled several days off later on in July to attend a family reunion, which is now to be a “zoom” meeting.  I really thought we might make it in early June, but then the virus really flared and it obviously is going to be a “zoom” meeting.  

Anyway, I have about decided to keep the vacation time and just use it to hang out, possibly take some short “day trips”.  We really are’t psychologically ready to stay overnight someplace with the virus rising so fast.  

Anyway, the three day weekend kind of decided me to go ahead and take a 4 day weekend!

One of my relatives who usually attend the reunion just bought a Tesla, so I will lose our chance to see one close up and maybe even ride in one, at least this year!  We sat in a Telsa at the Formula 1 race, it looked like a great car! 

On my walks, I listened to a biography of both Elon Musk and Nikola Telsa.  Both were interesting, it is hard to say which was more interesting.  Musk is obviously more successful on using the Telsa name!  Telsa was a much better inventor, but made some bad business decisions.  Both were very interesting people!  

Musk actually had some very lucky breaks, although like always in such situations, he made a lot of his own luck. Telsa had some bad luck and trusted the wrong people. 

I always really thought that we would have a lot more electric, hydrogen cars , etc., then we do now.  

I really enjoy our hybrid because it has great pickup, kind of like the old V-8”s (without the roar though)!.  It is a lot of fun to drive.  

I always like the fact that I go a lot longer between gas fill-ups, with a range of about 600 miles, at least in theory.  

July 4 is usually considered “mid-summer,” and it looks like we will go into  Winter without any of the summer activities.  Hopefully the virus will be over by Winter (although it really doesn’t look like it). I am not looking forward to having to “quarantine” through the Winter and not get away to warm wether during the winter!   

But, what is, is.  

That’s it for now, Monday, July 6, 2020

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