2020 Summer July 7 Tuesday

72 degrees this morning, 88% humidity

Another wonderful Summer day yesterday, high of 90 degrees.  Rather muggy again,  a light wind helped.

Yesterday sat on the patio before and after my morning nap, and I has breakfast on the patio so it was a good way to start a day!

Weights, sit-ups, barbells, bench press

Walk:  24:16 minutes, pace was 41 seconds slower than my goal.

Sitting on the patio this morning the obnoxious bird still raucously “chirping,” hardly a good word to describe the noise it makes.  At least it quiets down as the daylight comes in and I hear much more bearable bird sounds. 

The Crepe Myrtle are blooming, a sure sign of Summer.  I noted the white Crepe Myrtle blooming in the dark, the red and pink ones are a little slower coming out. 

Read a story where the “virus” funds (literally trillions of dollars) was mis-directed to “private equity” (who lobby to get special privileges and trillions of tax breaks already and use thieving methods to destroy copies while they get rich off of the destruction), politicians, and big business and political organizations  who didn’t use it for the intended purpose. 

Somehow the “priorities” for businesses who are even specified in the law (small business, minorities and female owned companies)  as priorities didn’t get funded.  Hardly surprising with the current incompetents in office, but it seems like they could somehow control for such fraud and abuse.

TWO Representatives in this State got millions, although no one knows how much  (What happened to public accountability and transparently ). Of course they are the first to scream about “big government,” scream about “welfare for the lazy poor”  and they are  the first to the hog trough using their influence to get millions that should have gone to smaller businesses.  Hypocrites to say the least.

They even tried to lobby for bigger loans and tried to stop the release of the names companies getting the loans!  

I googled one  and found he is worth an estimated 93 million dollars.  Nothing necessarily wrong with that but…. Why he had to hog in and get a loan in front of some of the small businesses that I see that are desperate is really sickening.  Probably technically legal but that doesn’t make it right.   

I didn’t bother to check the other Representative, but he is the owner of a huge plumbing business and I’m sure it is the same story. (I didn’t see any plumbers quit working during the worst of the shutdown, so I’m not sure how he qualified.)

Summer days are starting to get shorter already.    Although July 4 is generally considered the “middle” of Summer, around here the end of Summer is more towards the end of September, if not October.  Some years it even stretches to the middle of November when we’re lucky.

One project I need to start on is taking photo’s of my Hot Wheels collection, t-shirts and hats.  I realize I will never wear many of my t-shirts and hats more than a few times, so I need to take pictures of them.  I will probably feel better about giving them away so they can be used (hopefully) and I will have the memory associated with them.  

Actually most of the t-shirts and hats do have a story behind them, at least a small one.  If I could take a picture and note a small (or long) story, it probably would mean more than just sitting in my closet in anonymity!  

The iPhone 12 makes it a lot easier to take pictures, the zoom is wonderful.  I think one of the reasons it is so hard to get started on taking pictures is you want them to be perfect, and there are never perfect conditions for pictures.

At least saying “conditions aren’t right” make a good reason for procrastination!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, July 7, 2020.


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