2020 Summer July 8 Wednesday

76 degrees this morning  85% humidity 

Good day yesterday, actually slightly cool in the morning.  High of 91 degrees, some clouds, but overall great day. 

Sitting on the patio this morning, thinking mean thoughts about the obnoxious bird that emits such an unpleasant sound.  I wouldn’t actually do any harm to a bird, but….

Weights yesterday  morning,  sit-ups, bar-bells, bench press.

Walk yesterday 24:14 minutes 31 seconds slower than my goal.  

One problem with “on-line” shopping is  if you buy one item, the vendors  seem to think it is an invitation to inundate you with e-mails.  Obviously the worst is probably Amazon, but all of them are bad.  

Recently I bought some “masks” at a Wichita State University site, since I got my MA there and they were a reasonable price and they are unique.   After I purchased the masks (and I haven’t even received them yet)  I have been I have been getting about ten e-mails a day peddling socks and masks.   I’m not how they decided I wanted to buy WSU socks, I don’t and I’m not buying anything from that site again!  

Not only that, every web page I go, I am haunted by the ads for WSU socks and masks! It doesn’t seem to matter what web page, I feel like I am haunted by the socks!  (I think the main product is socks and the masks ere made as part of the current situation.)

What really gets me if I buy, say a robot vacuum cleaner  (as I recently did) suddenly I get e-mails and have the ads jumping out at me for robot vacuum cleaners.  Like I would buy more than one!  

I could give hundreds of more examples, but I won’t.  Someone is making a lot of money by pushing ads to people who have already have purchased the item and the money is being wasted!

Perhaps, like the restaurants who ask for “feedback” and then use your e-mail to peddle e-mails to you, they are just selling e-mails rather than products.  

The worst part is having to waste time deleting the junk e-mails!  

We are wearing masks almost everywhere outside and certainly when we are inside (other than our house).  It almost seems normal, which is kind of scary.

It is strange, you can’t really tell people’s  expressions when wearing a mask, but somehow you can’ sense it.  I think it is in their/our eyes and gestures.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that others can’t see my facial expression.  

Hopefully the era of the masks and “social distancing” will soon be over, but I doubt it.  

That’s it for now, Wednesday, July 8, 2020.





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