2020 Summer July 9 Thursday

81 degrees this morning 77% humidity wind 13 mph

Weights yesterday sit-ups, 

Good day yesterday, occasionally cloudy and looking like rain, but overall sunny and nice.  High around 93 degrees. Excellent morning to sit on the patio both before and after my nap.

Sitting on patio this morning, the wind makes it a lot cooler than it sounds, since it is still dark.  The obnoxious bird is quiet thank goodness.

Finished the 3rd Novella in “If It Bleeds,” reasonably good, not one of his best, but interesting enough.  Finishing up the 4th and final one, which is short.

Walk yesterday 27:27 minutes, 43 seconds slower than my goal.  

Going “in the field” for the first time in almost 4 months today, if my plans continue.  Not too worried, the field visits are limited and we are provided with PPE that I will use liberally.  I plan on treating it like a trip through enemy lands, with a “safe” place being each stop!  Well, not really, but it may feel that way.  

I could have delayed until next week, but a week probably won’t matter much, in fact the virus is getting worse daily.  I just need to concentrate on not making a mistake, but being continually on guard.  Since we have been extremely careful, I don’t want to get lax now.

Of course, due to earlier failures and incompetence by the governor, the virus is now back stronger than it was the first time.  As much as possible I think we have gotten “used” to having the virus and that is a good time to slip up.  

I find it unbelievable that our state and federal “leaders” are so interested in re-election and “donations” that they are willing to expose literally thousands of people, especially children, unnecessarily to a deadly virus that kills and causes significant pain and suffering.

When I read about sick actions of making the virus/masks etc a “political” action and the criminal use of the “virus money” that went to politicians, fat cat donors, lobbyists and buddies of the politicians, I feel the overall fraud, criminal behavior and chronic lying has become almost expected. 

I agree with a  Mayor  I know who said there was a major difference between a States-person and a politician.  He always said a States-person is someone who does everything for the common good of the organization and common good of the people represented.   

A Politician will do anything to get elected and gain power and thinks only of the good of themselves.

Of course, there are numerous similar quotes but the basic idea is the same.

It is obvious from the pigs and criminals who ripped off the virus funds, we have a lot more politicians/criminals than states-persons. 

That’s it for now, Thursday, July 9, 2020.


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