2020 Summer July 10 Friday

 2020 Summer July 10 Friday

82 degrees this morning  77% humidity wind  9 mph

Good day yesterday, a little windy, but high of around 88 degrees.

Walk 23:58 minutes, 27 seconds slower than goal.

Sitting on patio this morning, with the obnoxious bird really at it. I didn’t realize a bird could make such an unpleasant and loud noise.  

First day “in the field”  yesterday in almost 4 months for my job.  Frankly, with all of there increasing virus cases it wasn’t pleasant.  Hopefully this is the last time I’ll have to go “in the field” this month.  

Generally, it seems like few people bothered to wear masks, only one other person was wearing a mask that I saw today.  Of course, I wasn’t at any of the big retail areas or restaurants , etc. Still I can kind of see why the virus spread is on steroids so to speak.

Actually felt good to get out and actually talk with people instead of just talking on the phone, but the virus kind of hung over everything.   I used a lot of sanitizer and wore a mask anytime I got out of the car.

I think the major concern is doing something that was risky without thinking.  The penalty can be severe.  

My new “walking shoes” are doing very well.  Anymore I just automatically buy the Brooks Adrenaline shoes.  Not an endorsement, every one is different, it just really works for me.

One thing about my walking shoes is I get new ones every six months or so (usually a little longer depending on my mileage).  It is nice to be able to justify something new and know that it is essential to replace it on a regular basis!

Stacking up a number of books to read.  I finished the Stephen King book.  It is actually 4 novellas, I like the first one, the second one had an ending that made me wonder if I had actually read the story, the third one was ok.   The fourth was good, I actually felt a chill go down my back several times, which usually means it is a good book!

The library system here has a good system.  I get 3 weeks on a book and then can check it out for an unlimited number of times (at least it seems like it), unless someone has a “hold” on it.  Of course all of the popular books can generally be checked out just one time, for three weeks.  Better than the two weeks or even one week at other libraries.  

Just listened to our rather incompetent governor who said we will “live with the virus” because of his incompetence when it first started.  (That is my interpretation, not literally what he said obviously),  Frankly if he had been more vigilant  when it started and had more courage, we probably wouldn’t have to deal with the situation we have now. 

He is always trying to compare with other states, I think the term “do the best you can’” might be significant, other states aren’t doing all that well and I don’t think I would base my success on what other states are doing.   

Every time I think about how much the new “state brand” seal looks like’s Walmart’s “brand,” I have to laugh.  Their obsession with the “branding” details has become such an obsession  it has taken over the reason for the program.  I can’t even imagine how much time and money has gone into this program.

That’s it for now, Friday, July 10, 2020.

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