2020 Summer July 11 Saturday

 73 degrees this morning,98% humidity 10 mph wind.

Yesterday started off warm (82 degrees, then dropped to about 69 at one time with a fierce thunder and lightning, and heavy rains late morning.  Fortunately it was over relatively quickly and we didn’t have to drive in it.  There was street flooding throughout the area duet the rains.  But the sun came out with a high of around 93 degrees. 

Of course, the weather forecast was for a 10% chance of rain!

No walk yesterday due to weather and schedule.  Will be back in schedule today!!  I have gotten to the point I feel like something isn’t right if I miss my walk.

Sitting out on the patio this morning listening to the obnoxious bird whose goal in life is apparently to disrupt the nice mornings.  Our neighbors “chimes” no longer bother me anyway!  Actually the chimes are pretty it is just that it is “other peoples noise”.

I could listen to music, but I like the night sounds, even the obnoxious bird.  The white Crepe Myrtle is blaring into the dark, it almost is  a flashlight it stands out so much in the dark  The red and the pink Crepe Myrtle are pretty, but don’t stand out like the white one.

Started reading another book, CJ Box, “Long Range”.  I don’t recall having read any of his books before, although I remember the name.  It is on the best seller list, just reading it on a whim. Not bad so far, although it could turn into one of those that I think “a good read, but so what?”  And I don’t waste my time on future books.  Next one is “American Dirt”

I don’t know what makes one fiction book meaningless and one interesting. I think it is some authors are just writing, others are telling a story and I can tell the difference, or at least think I can, same difference! 

It  is one I have to read in three weeks so I can get it back in time.  I have four books on loan, and I have two that are have “holds” on them so I am limited to 3 weeks.  Of course I have to read the short term books first.  While the fine is only 10 cents per day (with a limit of $3.00), I just cringe when I have to pay a fine.

Strange dream yesterday morning, I dreamed I was at a meeting in downtown Nashville.  For some reason I was a a variety of places.  I was driving up the street right in front of the hotel we used to stay at (I believe the Sheridan) because it was right across from the State Capital.

A really weird little vehicle (like an enclosed motorcycle) started doing circles in front of me.  It hit the car I was driving and knocked out a headlight.  The driver stopped and apologized but at the time I was telling myself “it’s only a dream,” which helped since I knew I didn’t have to deal with the hassle of insurance and repairing the car!

I didn’t write it down, I remembered so little of it.  

I am having very wild dreams, but I don’t remember them.  I read that somehow, the virus and the quarantining is causing many people to have especially wild dreams, although I don’t remember why.

Saturday morning, start of a weekend, thank goodness.  I have a 4 day weekend scheduled for this weekend (Friday-Monday), although I don’t know if I will actually take it.  Originally I had a reunion scheduled this weekend.  We are thinking of taking several short day-trips, no overnight stays yet!

The wind is blowing this morning, making the 73 degree weather seem almost cool in the dark.  

That’s it for now, Saturday, July 11 (7-11)! 2020.  

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