2020 Summer July 12 Sunday

74 degrees this morning 78%  humidity

Yesterday started off almost cool, at least in the dark with the wind.  The temperature  reached a 100 degree high! Wonderful summer weather.  

Sitting on patio this morning, heavy thunder and lightning last night, but no rain here.

Then I step out on the patio (no obnoxious bird) and it starts raining!  It is a very light rain so I retreat to a little alcove where there is a short roof and I am protected, at least during a light rain.  Better than no patio at all!  

Walk yesterday 24:36 minutes. Pace was 36 seconds slower than my goal. 

The sun is setting noticeably earlier, it seems it is dark by 7:45 p.m. now (perhaps dusk, but still noticeable).  That is very sad when I think it will be another year before we have the long sunsets.  At least I will have at least 3 more months of the morning on the patio.

As I have mentioned before, the biggest sorrow of no baseball is I don’t have the excuse to sit outside for 2 or 3 hours with nothing to do but eat, watch a ballgame and enjoy the outside Summer.  Even if the ballgame isn’t any good, it still is fun to sit outside.  Not this year though, the season is officially canceled.  

Finished the book by C.J. Box, “Long Range”.  Actually a pretty good story if you just want to read a good book of fiction, which I like to do occasionally.

Started reading “American Dirt,” haven’t gotten enough into it to know if I will finish it or not. 

I have found by reading after my nap and before breakfast, I can actually get quite a bit of reading in.  

I need to find a time in to start bicycling again.  I also like to hit the “heavy bag” and punching bag after I bike an then sit and take a long bath and read.  Hard to do all of that in the early morning and I don’t have time at lunch so that leaves after work.  

I thought about very early morning, but I have the skunk that likes to prowl around our house to deal with as well as the dark.  I used to ride in the dark all the time, but I kind of associate exercising in the dark with my coughing spells.  Probably not any association, but no one will know the wonder of not coughing when you have had spells of coughing.  

I still hope to “ride with the Summer” soon, but I need to be in shape for it.  For those who don’t know, I consider “riding with the Summer” to be starting in south Texas and riding to Canada over the period of when Summer arrives.  I think I have been thinking of this for over six years, but this is the longest I have gone without coughing for a long time.  

When Amazon bought “Whole Foods,” I really thought it would be real competition for the regular grocery stores.  However, my experience is it probably they aren’t a real threat unless they change their product line.  

Nothing against Whole Foods, it is what it is, but products and prices aren’t really competitive overall.  A nice niche store and it’s hard to beat 2 hour free delivery with only $30 in purchases.  We do buy “gluten free” and other specialized products there. 

Started watching a show called “Scott & Bailey” on Amazon Prime,  We are on season two of five seasons, so it has been around for a while.  A rather interesting show, a little difficult to follow all the relationships and activities  but fun.

I am learning a lot of British slang from the show.  I watch it with Google up and running. Of course a lot of the slang is on the show I would avoid using in all but the most informal situation!

Sunday, last half of the weekend.

That’s it for now, Sunday, July 12, 2020.

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