2020 Summer July 13 Monday

79  degrees this morning  75% humidity wind 14 mph

Yesterday morning light rain about time I sat on the patio, but I hid out under a small roof and it had dried after I took my nap.  Then sunny and hot, high of 95 degrees.  

This morning, still lightning to the North, light showers, still sitting on patio until and if I get chased in by the rain.  The obnoxious bird is fouling the environment with it sound.  

Weights yesterday, sit-ups barbells, bench press.

Walk:  23:51 minutes, pace was 2 seconds slower than goal! 

Started on “American Dirt,” got my attention.  So far, a really engrossing book.  I have read some about it.  I like my books with happy endings and I have a feeling this won’t be one.    

Start of another week.  I have a (routine) dental appointment this morning, just a checkup and cleaning.  It is my normal semi-annual checkup, I really debated going, but I know they are serious about disinfection , etc., even before the virus started and they have even more strict procedures now.

Strongly considering going ahead and taking at least Friday as a day of vacation even probably  Monday even if I just sit on the patio late and relax all day.  Originally planned for Friday and Monday for a trip, but no overnight stay’s yet.

We thought about a day trip, but realized we are’t eating in restaurants (inside) yet.  Might go anyway, if we have to sit in the car and eat, what is, is. If nothing else we can “Starbucks” on our patio or inside if it is too hot.  

I call it “Starbucking” because before the pandemic, we would go hang out in our “3rd place” while we drank coffee and read our books or watch our shows.  

The pandemic is actually getting more scary than then it first started.  At least we have masks” now and know more how to defend against it.

When it first started I really thought it would be over in several months, but incompetence by our “leaders” made it a lot worse than it should have been and now it is really bad, again because of the denial and incompetence on the part of the state and national leadership. 

Now masks, sanitizer on hand at all times, not eating in restaurants or shopping inside is a part of “normal” life. 

We made somewhat of a dent in our “stuff” last week when one of the non-profits resumed pick-up of donated items and a relative was able to use an old office chair and printer!.

Before the pandemic started, we were seriously considering significantly “downsizing,” the pandemic decided us not to do so at this time. We were debating moving.  Not having to maintain the house , etc., would be a relief, but we would lose a lot of space and privacy that we would miss.  

Since they basically took away our tax deduction for he house to fund huge tax cuts for big businesses, it is kind of a wash money wise to rent versus owning.  

That’s it for now, Monday, July 13, 2020.

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