2020 Summer July 14 Tuesday

81 degrees this morning, 85% humidity, wind 15 mph.

Another weird day yesterday.  Some rain during night, went out to sit on the patio. Started to rain.  I sat under the small roof area, but I know from experience how much damage a small amount of water can do to a laptop computer, so I came in.  Able to sit down before breakfast and read my book.

After being cloudy most of morning, became sunny with a high of around 91 degrees.  

Dental appointment yesterday morning, fortunately didn’t find anything wrong, so I’m good for another six months!

Patio this morning is very nice, coolish in spite of the temperature due to the dark and the wind.

Walk yesterday, 23:29 minutes, pace was 54 seconds slower than my goal.  

“American Dirt” really got me involved as the story has progressed.  Although it is  novel, I can imagine it being true from what little I know about the drug cartels. Anyway it has made a fascinating book that keeps you reading!

Without going into a lot of detail, I am always surprised and disappointed at the continual lack of supervisory competence in many organizations.  Retaliatory and arbitrary actions appear to prevail, even when specifically prohibited by law and just general good supervisory practices.

Even when the organization spends an enormous amount of time and money in training supervisors, somehow human nature takes over.

I guess that is why attorney’s will keep making a good living!

I have started thinking more on what I will do on my “encore” career to my “encore” career!  I have been lucky in having basically two careers, one 40 years and one almost six years and continuing who knows for how long.  In both, I loved what I was doing.   

I would really like to do something that will exercise my creativity to a degree.  I don’t mean normal creativity, but something I can make a difference in and where I can work either by myself or a small group and we can push the edges sometimes.

Pushing the edges can be hazardous, but if you don’t I don’t think you really progress. 

I am “brainstorming” and it is exciting to think about something new.  Probably both good and bad I have always enjoyed learning something new.  I love reading or watching the news in the morning (which is where I developed a love for newspapers) and getting the mail because it meant something new.  

I’m at the point where there is still time to develop some new ideas, some new solutions, or whatever.  For whatever reason, I feel energized by and feeling and I will “ride the flow” and see where it takes me while honestly considering the limitations. 

That’s it for now, Tuesday, July 14, 2020.  


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