2020 Summer July 15 Wednesday

77 degrees this morning  82% humidity Very light rain. 

Yesterday was another hot day.  I believe it was 82 degrees when I got up, a high of 97 degrees in this area.  One area of the state got to 113 degrees, actual temperature!  Sunny and overall a good day.

Walk yesterday 24:45 minutes, pace was 67 seconds slower than my goal.  I just kind of took it easy.  I have a little bit of a cough, but the walk didn’t make it any worse. 

Sitting on the patio this morning, just enough rain I can’t sit where I like to sit! The obnoxious bird is going at it again.

The Coronavirus is really spreading, some days doubling from the day before.  What is scary is considering this is only the ones who have tested positive!  If you chart it out, it is almost impossible, statistically not to get it.  

I did some research on it and have some idea of what they symptoms are, but the problem is the symptoms are somewhat the same as the flu , etc.  

Personally, I think preventing the Coronavirus and saving lives should be the top priority.  Inconvenience passes, death or disability is permanent.  I can see the viewpoint of a small business or someone who works at a small business (or any business where they are out of workI), but I don’t see how that supersedes lives.  

Actually, it appears if states had been more diligent on “flattening the curve” instead of playing politics (or whatever) it may well have been declining now, instead of setting records for the virus and causing another shutdown.

July 15, the day I went into the Air Force many years ago.  I got out on July 13 since July 15 was on a Sunday that year.

A group of us talked about walking back “home”  (in my case from jVirginia to Kansas).  We discussed it and planned for hours, but I don’t know anyone that actually did it!

I actually threw my stuff in the car and left.  Everything I had could fit in my car, which says something about my minimalism at the time!  I remember driving through Washington DC at rush hour and was terrified!  I also drove on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and stayed in a small hotel in the mountains, or what I thought as mountains.

It took me three days to get home.  I hung around the house for several weeks and then jumped I the car and went to Wichita, Kanas where I enrolled in the Political Science program.  

When I think of all the moving parts that had to go just right, I really don’t know how things do work our right!   I’m not sure (from the perspective of many years later) if I really had any idea what I was going to do.

I think the real fun was having unlimited alternatives. As we grow older, the alternatives become more limited, but somehow it doesn’t matter because you realize unlimited alternatives are a falsehood and your alternatives were always limited.  

A relative who is just getting out of high school wants to live overseas, although she knows not where.  I hope she gets the chance, but I think you always realize the pain or at least the sense of the loss of “the road not taken”. That term always had a haunting quality to me.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, July 15, 2020.


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