2020 Summer July 17 Friday

80 degrees this morning  70% humidity wind  9 mph

Overall good day yesterday, very humid. High of around 95 degrees.

Reading “American Dirt”.  What is so scary about it is while the book may be fiction, I expect it has a lot of truth as to the actual reality.

Still feeling the effects of whatever I have.  I still sleep a lot and have a temperature.  I also have an occasional cough.

Tested for Covid-19 last night, supposed to hear by Monday probably over the weekend on the hospital portal.  No matter what they call it I’m not feeling great, although it could be worse.  

The test itself is absolutely no fun, although it is over relatively quickly.   

I was surprised and pleased that they a lot of different things (lungs, respiratory system, even ears , etc., and didn’t just give the test.  

Sitting on the patio this morning, I figure it won’t do any harm and I enjoy it.  

Keeping this short, so I can take my nap.  Probably going to call in “sick” to work.  I can’t remember the last time I called In “sick” much less 2 days in a row!

That’s it for now, Friday, July 17, 2020.

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