2020 Summer July 18 Saturday

78 degrees this morning,  81% humidity, 11 mph wind

 Yesterday started off  warm in the morning and continued to a high of 98 degrees.  Even had a slight rain in the morning although I was able to enjoy the patio.

Another “sick” day yesterday, although I started feeling better mid-afternoon.  I find myself reflexively checking the hospital for our Covid-19 test results, hoping they are negative but not really wanting to know if they are positive.  But what is, is.

No walk or exercise yesterday.

I think what I really feel frustrated about is not being able to enjoy the Summer.  At least the last couple of days, I probably felt like it was more because I’m better staying in inside but that doesn’t change the feeling that Summer is passing me by.  Walking outside every day was a real lifeline. 

As I have mentioned before, the AA baseball team attendance was part baseball, part food, and a large part just enjoying being outdoors.  On my job, I was outside a lot on my days “in the field”  which not only allowed me to enjoy the Summer as well as work.

Also, I realized thinking of what our “normal” activities were, our routine included substantial times in the Summer or outside all times of year.y “

Family reunion by “Zoom” today.  The only possible way to have it now.  I’m glad there is someone who is an expert at Zoom and willing to take the time and effort to set it up.  The good part is it will allow a lot of persons to attend who normally could not attend, which will be interesting. 

As with all “virtual” conferences and meetings I will miss the “sidebar” meetings, that just happen to happen , etc.  

The interesting aspect of Zoom (or Teams , etc.) is that they allow attendance without regard to geography.  We were taking in Toastmasters about how it allows members who have moved away to continue to participate , etc. 

In a way it is similar to Facebook , etc., and even e-mail that allows a person to move geographically but still maintain ties to a community.  

Somewhere yesterday I heard a conversation about the changes cell phones have change  going on vacations, moving etc, “leaving home”  Before cell phones , etc., when you were gone you basically were “gone” in the true sense of the word.  If you called it was usually for emergencies and most communication was by letter or none or  a short postcard. 

Now there are not only cellphones, but Facebook, FaceTime, Zoom, etc., to enable us to technically be in two or more places at once!

Now by text, phone calls, facebook, FaceTime , etc.,.  It is so easy (and good) to maintain contact, you really can’t imagine what it was like.  I don’t like to even walk out of the house without my cellphone now. 

Looking forward to hearing from relatives at the family reunion and seeing how the zoom meeting works.

Waiting for the Covid-19 test results I feel like I’m on a twilight of reality.  While I realized the changes increasing were good at getting it I really thought we took so many precautions we might not get it.  We’ll have an answer by Monday anyway.

That’s it for now, Saturday, July 18, 2020.


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