2020 Summer July 19 Sunday

2020 Summer July 19 Sunday

78 degrees this morning 74%  humidity Wind, 11 mph.  

Yesterday, another Summer day, high of 95 degrees, some wind.  

Sitting out on the patio this morning, it is a wonderful morning.  Unfortunately the bird with the very annoying “song” is also enjoying the early morning,  

Getting close to completing “American Dirt”. The book really emphasizes then fact that while there is a lot of overwhelming vile evil, there is also good people who perform help other people in even the worst of circumstances.  

I know this, but sometimes with all the recent hate filled talk, it is easy to forget that there are a lot of good people in the world regardless of the demographics. 

In the book, one episode really caught my attention,  The migrants have just been robbed and a Doctor stops to ask if they need help.  Of course, they have reason to be suspicious so they ask him why he wants to help and he points to a crucifix around his neck and quoted the verse “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink”.  

Perhaps it was the situation in the book, but I was surprised at the emotional chord this hit in me. 

The book also emphasizes the need for a Free Press, although recent attackers on news media , etc., also emphasizes  the need for a free press.  The federal thugs who using illegal tactics and unmarked vehicles and uniforms in Portland also emphasize the need for a free press that can report on such illegal activities.  

I received an email from a friend who was writing about the death of a friend who was involved or had been involved in situations pointing out the dangers of big government and (my words) big corporations , etc., who basically take the law into their own hands and frequently get by with the most illegal criminal actions.  

Again, I think the need for a free press has to be defended.

Family Reunion Zoom meeting yesterday (continuing today) was excellent, even more successful  than I expected.  Of course that was due to the preparation and work of the person who set up the Zoom meeting and the fact it was a good idea.

For some reason I am having very wild dreams.  Unlike other times  I don’t remember any of them, which is probably good based on the little bit I remember.  

The dreams basically entail the absolute power of some shadowy figures   I assume it is partly because I don’t know what control I have over Covid-19, assuming I have it.  

I am basically trying to drink a lot of water and gatorade and get plenty of rest.  

We’ll know more tomorrow.

That’s it for now, Sunday, July 19, 29292i0

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