2020 Summer July 22 Wednesday


73 degrees this  morning,  90% humidity 

Weather yesterday, was wonderful.  High of 91 degrees.  What is really strange is that in the evening, heavy rain was all around us, and didn’t rain a drop on our house

Found out Monday we tested positive for Covid-19.  Kind of figured out by then, it that wasn’t it, we were really sick with something.  At least we know what it is.  

The wild dreams got wilder.  It was like I was in a continuous dream where I was trying to find  a new  language to fit a new situation and I was concerned about how to make sure it could be understood.  Strange.  

‘Other than that, a lot  of sleeping , etc. Couldn’t really eat a lot.  

Didn’t sit on patio, didn’t wasn’t to do anything but sleep Tuesday morning.  Started feeling somewhat better as  the day went by, but tired quickly.  

We do household chores (absolutely necessary ones) slowly, as we have energy..  It eventually gets done.  

That’s it for now, Wednesday, July 22, 2020.

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