2020 Summer, July 23 Thursday

76 degrees this morning 89% humidity

Another day in Covet—19 land.   A sameness, until it changes.  

The days are the same, although aren’t the same at all.  I wonder about the 14 day quarantine. Not looking forward to it unless it turns out well.   

The days have turned into a saneness with discussion if it is time to get some extra help.  I’m hoping I can just do an er visit, and not have a fire truck and an ambulance at the front door.

There is some relief to calling, but also alarm at losing control of the situation.  No one has ever really said how long the covid-19 lasts.

I’ll be glad with the breathing treatment is scheduled,, if that is what is needed.  

I won’t get used to writing such short posts hopefully the Covitt-19 will work itself out.

That’s it for now, Thursday, July 23, 2020.  

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